Poundin’ the Pavement in PDX.

Ok-Here it is, as promised…… We’ll just start right here, right now. 3-9-08.I am sitting in Aaron’s house trying to pump myself up for the inevitable truth of the day-I have to go to work.   I started look ing for a J O B as soon as i arrived here in the PNW. I had no expectations of landing something astonishingly cool or even dead boring lame. I was open i guess you could say. So it was no shock on the almost month it has taken to call myself “employed”. After many, many days of hoofin’ it around this town, lots of face time and handshakes and smiles and can-do-ness(despite the fact that each job was averaging around 200 applicants)- i got a job.(sigh).  Why the sigh?    I have been doin’ this shit for sooooooooooooooo long now.  Sheesh.oh- it has been fun and i have had some strange and lovely years. No regrets(!!!) . but My friend and co-pilot at the Top O’ the Park, Davey Sutherland and I would often marvel while chucking olives across the room “How in the hell are we ever gonna top THIS?”No- T.V.s, just a view and lots of conversation in that hotel bar……… andMinus the soul drain and the creepy sense of entitlement/self importance/my god people sure this is food and wine and there are a billion beautiful attachments to it all BUTMY GOD!!!!                     it is foodand it is wine……….  – take away all of THAT and i would be fine. I suppose that one could speculate that i have crossed the metaphorical threshold of the service industry.  Just maybe?    My dear friend Jackson gave me his report on becoming disenchanted with the industry: ………… “you start to see how delusional customers are (not to mention how little understanding they have of what it’s like to wait tables). between delusions of grandeur and that voice in your head that starts to scream, no the customer ISN’T always right, in fact, alot of times, the customer is totally fucking wrong, and i think i’m gonna tell his lame ass right now. . .i once got in an argument at this Seattle cafe i worked at, with this outspoken eccentric about the proper way to eat bruschetta, and that’s when you know it’s time to go on”.   ………………….. An example on the why of the SIGH. I DO NOT mean to sound ungrateful here- i am glad i am a workin’ gal.  We’ll just all have to stay tuned to see how fast I can get outa school.Will it be before or after I lose my mind? Place your bets! (seriously).


3 responses to “Poundin’ the Pavement in PDX.

  1. Oh, how I miss you! :HuGZ:

  2. Just remember, it isn’t forever. Miss you here!

  3. When some asshole customer has you feeling like you’re about to lose it, just take a deep breath and remember that you’re better than they are. Then spit in their food.

    I miss you and our late-night rants!

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