We all know i am employed- BUT there is this place I have been in love with since my last visit to Portland back in August. This place just happens to be hiring. I am making a stop today..we will see how it goes. I am just settling into the “other” spot, so jumping ship would be a drag- but the sacrifice might just be worth it. hmmmmm…..*****************************************************************   

   Other news n’ stuff:  

 My brother Shaun and I were talking last night and he mentioned that he had been reading this blog and that he thought it was “alright”.


My dear, sweet brother was telling me, in his own special “way” that he wasn’t entertained


“what about that donut place ?” , he asked…… 

Basically the man is lookin’ for stories, for something he can relate to. Clearly- I can see that I have been letting Shaun down. The truth of the matter is that eventually you just cannot (or don’t want to) run around like an animal anymore…. This is the stuff Shaun wants to hear about- craziness and donuts. 

The last time I tried the crazy part- it didn’t go so well.  

You see a few months ago, one very long night in Vegas I was driven to drink copious amounts of champagne and white wine-

it was free

AND we were in the Hugh Hefner suite a the top of the Palms….. 

(there was a revolving bed– ok? Drunkenness seemed justified). 

This craziness led into the evening and by the time we had seen the Blue Man Group perform- well, you could say in all fairness, that I was hammered.

After the show-(long story short)- I managed to use my special drunk-girl skills to engage these guys and I made one of the Blue Men talk to me….. he broke his solemn Blue Man vow- …. 

Miraculously I happened to have blue paint across my face by the time the encounter was over.

-Blue faced, I wound up walking through the Venitian – and in the Piazza (which was supposed to be a replica of Piazza San Marco in Venice- a shitty one at that!) I snapped.- The fabrication and the consumption and the weirdness of Vegas was too much for a gal in such a “fragile” state. Tears and tragedy……walkin’ the Vegas strip.

Not my finest moment.

eh? It was my Vegas “experience”.

These sort of shenanigans cost way too much. 1 day of indulgence = 1 good story(maybe), 1 day of pain(definitely), a heaping spoonful of what the @#$!^%*!!?? Anyhow, my point is Shaun, even when there is every reason to dive in -the pool is too shallow for your sis. ouch. I am sorry if all of this is killin’ you slow. You are just gonna have to deal.

I’ll go back to the donut spot……..  

or to this place

or make a stop to see some of this.

This is my beloved bother (and my soon to be sista in law)……*

Yep- it is like that.

He is #4 of six children (I am #2). And he is a freak.

And I miss him.



One response to “Sisterhood.

  1. Jonathan O'Donnell

    Mmmmmmm. Alggglgghh . Donuts.

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