Gettin’ all geared up to learn some stuff I headed downtown to the campus of PSU. I am ready to go- all is official and legit-

I am a student again…..

for life it now seems.

Paper work and money handling and 5,000,000 phone calls- that has been my day.

———Has anybody else seen “There Will Be Blood”?

We saw it last night and I was totally mesmerized with the performance of Daniel Day Lewis…….HOLY CRAP.

He is so good.

His complete embodiment of Daniel Plainview– the walk, the voice- the subtle bits and pieces of what makes up this character (that is all you are given for the majority of the film) and the cradled cruelty- which when unleashed still leaves the man oddly sympathetic (if just a little)-


all of this creates quite the experience.

I wont give anymore details because it is your right to see this flick w/o outside influence. (GO SEE IT).

When you do-

let’s talk. 

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