The Ocean is Scary.

I have been around. I have seen some stuff. Some really beautiful stuff. Awe inspiring stuff. After seeing and experiencing all the aforementioned BEAUTY (n’ stuff)- I can still declare that the pinkie region of Michigan- (all those blues and greens and dunes) tops my favorite spot in the world list.Even now as i sit writing this i am really dreaming of the days i’ll be spending at Empire Beach this august.


Lake Michigan is what I know.There is a sense of safety in fresh water. Aside from a few toothy fish (and i have never heard of someone being bitten or even nibbled on) swimmers don’t have to worry about losing limbs or toxic stings. Every time I visit the ocean I try really hard to enjoy the experience- and i do. I get in there. And for the most part it is lovely. It is just that there is this nagging sort of haunting idea that likes to kind-o creep around in my mind. No matter how hard I try- the first slimy thing that touches my foot-

I am out.

Yesterday Ewan had his first ocean experience. He is a little scientist in the making. I see this tendency in him. Mostly in his hunger to KNOW STUFF. Sure all kids want to know stuff- but it is the TYPE of inquiry-

you are just gonna have to believe me. The kid needs answers.

All the time.

I am exhausted…………

It really was fun. We like rocks and the coast of the PNW is rocky and dramatic. Aaron was there. Gary was too.

We stopped at the Aquarium in Seaside. There was a tank of starfish, sea cucumber and anemone that the public could handle. We avoided the sea cucumber- he was under the weather and the kid acting as the weird sea creature expert told us that when stressed the sea cucumber will eject his organs,-the creature will literally puke its guts out……the guts, it turns out are toxic.

The kid told us stories about coming into contact with the organs a while back and he explained how the contact had numbed his hand for three days.


Some observations/issues: 

#1. I am not exactly quite sure WHY the public is allowed to handle the sea cucumber….#2. This confirms my feelings on the ocean——– it is scary……..#3. After our introduction to the sea cucumber the sea kid proceeded to tell me how he was so numb from the toxic organs that when his friend “stabbed” him in the hand he had no clue. Hmmmmm….. I asked the kid if he wound up at the hospital. I eyeballed his hand and as he noticed me looking for any trace of the “stabbing”- he rubbed the invisible wound, telling me how it had healed- “really well”- and that “no” he hadn’t gone to the doctor.


You can see why I am suspicious. (Sea kid is probably lying…..OR …..the f-ed up story he offers to the masses is true……….- either possibility is strange and uncomfortable).

A very mysterious day at sea.


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