Sunny day.

Some Reminders/Ideas/Thoughts/Possibilities:

“There is a great insight which our culture is deliberately designed to suppress, distort, and ignore: that Nature is a minded entity; that Nature is not simply the random flight of atoms through electromagnetic fields; that Nature is not the empty, despiritualized lumpen matter that we inherit from modern physics. But instead a kind of intelligence,a kind of mind.”-Terence McKenna 

“When an old culture is dying, the new is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.”-Rudolf Bahro

“You can think of the groundlessness and openness of insecurity as a chance that we’re given over and over to choose a fresh alternative. Things happen to us all the time that open up the space. This spaciousness, this wide-open, unbiased, unprejudiced space is inexpressible and fundamentally good and sound, it is like the sky.”-Pema Chodron  

One response to “Sunny day.

  1. Ms. Leigh Leigh,
    How great to read some of your recent “goings on”. My journey into cyber world is just beginning, technologically skeptical as I am. However, this seems a fine way to stay in touch. I`ll keep reading, you keep writing. Nice quote from my favorite archaic revivalist, and Pema- one of our great modern Buddhist thinkers. Myself, just starting to read some Brad Warner, more on that later, author of “Hardcore Zen” and “Sit Down and Shut Up”. H.H. Dalai Llama will be in Ann Arbor, April 19, 20. I`ll be traveling to Royal Oak for Iron & Wine the 18th, then making my pilgramage. Hit me back. Lots-o-love. D.

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