Lump o’ stuff

*   I got to see Claudia do her folk thing- she was/is awesome. She was here in Portland. She is an amazing woman/talent/poet/guitar n’ dulcimer player/friend o’ mine.

 We had tea and conversation. 

 I was the lucky gal who when picking Claudia up for an afternoon got to sit and watch her pick and wail- belting out tunes with her friend and fellow musician Mary Flower…..

All I could do was let my smile spread wide- so much so- I think I gained a bit more face! Laughing at how good life is! LADIES you are AWESOME!

love you Claudia……

*Davey came out for a visit- he was here- yes sir.

There was a gooooood time had by all.

We took a shanghai tunnel tour. I wanted it to be so great- and it was really only bearable…… Though I did see a ghost walking through old escape routes-Aaron and Ewan almost peed their pants- Rico disappeared, Davey and I kept it cool and calm……

 This is where Rico wound up.



*Hurry up Davey get out here Rico is already pissed and I am crying.



One response to “Lump o’ stuff

  1. First off, I was shanghaied from the tour by Capt. Jack Daniels, oooooh, scary!
    Second, I don’t think I’ve seen that hat since 😉
    Last, that last pic of pixillated Rico and Davey was definitely a sign of things to come…
    Silverado, why don’t you let down your britches?

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