In the Gutter.

 Let’s talk about bowling. 

We’ve been down to the Hollywood Lanes a couple times now.

Bowling is fun. 

Until you start sucking of course.

I am sure there is a ton of skill in mastering that spin- the one that lets the ball ride the edge of the gutter then suddenly,

at the last lil’ second sends it smashing into the pins…..

Actually- I get really distracted watching these people launch their bawlz.

It is very dramatic. 

There are two fates a bowler faces-


or deep suck.

I always seem to suck after watching “those people” bowl- call it performance anxiety….

And lemme tell ya- when you are bowling a 49 the pain is real.

Although- I’ll let you all know I did DESTROY both the boys (Aaron n’ Dale) on game two a few days ago.

Maybe there is a chance for me-

a future spin/fancy move?!!!!!!!

For now it seems that I can dip into my pocket of bowling ch’i-

if only for a moment……



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