“The Bullshit Express” = Booooooooo.

It has been super hot out here in the PNW. I have been working outside in the 96 degree weather serving the masses icy cold beeeeeer (i am not mad-nope). So pardon me if my brains have gone scrambled.


I just watched a John Mccain press conference this morning- and I am pleased to announce that his lil’ speech was busted up by a couple of protesters in pink aprons screaming “Someone’s in the kitchen with George Bush!!!!”. They just jumped up, waving a blood-red banner.

The ladies were escorted out- screaming the whole way.

Ah- it was so, so, great- I started screaming m’self. 

I at one point kind-of liked McCain. The whole “straight talk express”, no b.s., gettin’ the job done- Remember those days? It is a shame to watch this man try to weasel his way into the white house on the coat tails of fear and oppression (the tactics of you-know-whos-its).

He was in T.C. this past winter. I woke super- crazy early to go hear him speak. 

It was deeply underwhelming. Basically he stood on this elevated platform showcasing his wife (i am serious) and making solemn promises on “getting Osama Bin Laden”. COME ON!!!! 

My god- watch this………..


That is what I am talking about. ooooooo- he is hungry for some oval office!!!! Creep. 


Mccain’s latest display of lameness is exhibited in his attack on Barack’s foreign policy in dealing with our country’s tenuous relations, Iran especially.

It is infuriating to hear this sort of crap……..I mean god forbid that the United States choose diplomacy as a strategy (Barack has suggested this) over divisive “bad guy” (Iran=bad, Israel=good, etc, etc) mentality!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr…..

Well- Obama was here in Portland yesterday. I tried to get out of work, and although everyone there at The Kennedy School held some sort of sympathy for me it wasn’t enough for them to offer up their Sunday. 

I couldn’t make it but 75,000 other humans did.

I ran into a friend who had made it to the waterfront and I asked her how it was….

She said,

“I believed him.”

I believe him too.


Could it be? !!!

Heart pounding,

fingers crossed!!!)






One response to ““The Bullshit Express” = Booooooooo.

  1. Billy-joe-Jim-Bob

    hmmmmmmmm? I’m voting for meself. My platform will revolve somewhere around free cheese and dill pickle relish for everyone involved.Savvy? I would include free beer but then…..we wouldn’t want unsavory types hovering about the campaign winnebago now would we? Besides after all that political debauchery I’m sure my constituents will be thirsty.

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