No Reservations.

I have been in the restaurant industry for YEARS. 15 years to be exact. I am a foodie and a wino. I have no shame in admitting this.

I do not like t.v.

It stresses me out- all of the manic change from 10 minutes of show to 6 minutes of commercials. I can’t handle it.


I do LOVE Anthony Bourdain.

And he DOES have a t.v. show.

(If only this were the sole rough patch of decision making in my life)-…. sigh……

His show is THE PERFECT form of entertainment for this girl!

Food! Wine! Travel! And all the savvy commentary of a fine cynic-

Here is a little bit he did on the PNW- (The guy with the “how to use chopsticks” tatoo- I work with him….Jason…..He’s great).



One response to “No Reservations.

  1. psssst… within the first 12 hours of living in new york? yep. i came face-to-face with the bourdain in westchester at stone barns farms.

    he’s a fox.

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