Sweet Dreams.

I woke up from a dream about my Grandpa.
Steve McKolay.
Father of 15. Master storyteller, puzzle maker, joke teller……
When we were kids the annual trip down to Westland Michigan was the highlight of the year. I am not kiddin’ around.
Grandma and Grandpa had a pool, there were lots of cousins to play with, cookie crisp and coco puffs or grandpa’s famous bacon and eggs in the morning- baseball games, chuck-e- cheese.
I would wake up early just to hang with him while he fried the eggs in bacon grease. Occasionally he and I would sneak out of the house on his ciggarette run and he would come back to the car, candy barS in hand….plural baby!
Grandpa Steve liked to break into song-
He would often serenade me with the famous Robert Goulet tune “If Ever I would Leave You”

So funny n’ sweet. Goulet is kind-o weird but whatever- so am I. 


Grandpa was hilarious and would really try to get it- like Goulet .

Much like other men of his generation he liked his high balls and his cigs (salem)- and that is how i remembered him in my dream- singing Goulet, smoking a salem- But this time his face was in my hands and we were so happy in a room full of McKolays, all seated at this long, long, long (there are A LOT of us) table- in a giant hall.

Grandpa Steve had some tricks up his sleeve- my favorite of which was the “never-ending ash”. This trick is great anywhere there are people drinking and smoking and bull-shitting.

1. You must be packin’ some sort of pin (preferred) or paper clip (might be too thick).

2. Stick the pin into the pre-lit cig.

3. Light the cig (although I do not condone smoking in any way- it’s REALLY REALLY bad for ya).

4. Pretend like nothin’ is weird or strange when your ash grows to implausible lengths, better yet wave said ash over drinks and popcorn as people slowly start to watch in wonder, waiting-seconds ticking- for the ash



If you perfect it- it wont.


He was. 





2 responses to “Sweet Dreams.

  1. Leigh, that’s hilarious and so sweet…
    I was fascinated by people drinkin’ and smokin’ growing up…why mix with dorky kids when you can hang with the grownups?! I was in charge of putting salt in my Aunt Viola’s beer 😉

    Do you think Davey will try the ash trick at the Who Am I Lounge?

  2. AWW.Good ole Gramps. Nice memories!

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