Banana Slug: Lesson #1.

Ewan and I were going to go scale Mt Saint Helens- but……..we didn’t. It was overcast (go figure) and getting late. I am too excited about rocks n’ other geologic events to have to rush. Ya know? soon.


we did have a good day.
we found 2 giant slugs.
Look at this thing:THE BANANA SLUG

Among the prodigious slug’s attributes are size, cunning, slime AND

*hang on here folks*

Banana Slugs are hermaphrodites*……. yup….

lil’ factoid for you. (Put that in your cornflakes!!!!).

NEVER knew so much about the life of the Banana Slug- how cool (It is about time for me to become more familiar with the indigenous species of my new home).


*I guess all slugs are hermaphrodites. huh.

If adaptation is key to surviving the “long haul”…. at the rate we’re going, humans, as a species, will eventually die out. 



These little dynamos will keep on keepin’ on…………….. 

One response to “Banana Slug: Lesson #1.

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