Ape Cave.

We like to live on the edge.

We meaning Madeline, Ewok and myself…..

Adventurers you could call us.

Look at these hardened,

fearless souls-


We three were about to embark on a journey- to the center of the earth.

(Ok. I might be exaggerating here- we were a mile in at Ape Cave. BUT it was DARK! And wet, and there were sharp jaggedy rocks……it was cold too).

Ape Cave really did rock….hehehehe.


We were hiking through a LAVA TUBE.

2,000 years ago Mt St Helens had a basaltic eruption (the kind with lava) and this cave we were walking through was carved out by lava intruding into and through the existing bedrock………AWESOME!






One response to “Ape Cave.

  1. The ape caves are awesome. I really jacked up my back when I went by hauling my ass over some rock wall in the dark, but no regrets, it was an awesome experience. Glad you made it out to one of many cool spots out west. Cheers!

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