Baking Day.

 I love to cook.

This declaration does not mean I am great at it- maybe good- maybe sometimes.

The fact of the matter is that cooking is more of an event than a regular occurrence in my life- it is expensive to cook and time consuming- and I have worked nights for the past million years……these are not excuses-this is my reality.

It is kind-o sad…

I remember as a child sitting down to dinner, as a family every night.

Every single night.

What was once the norm now is something of a rarity. For many people. 

Happily Aaron and I have been making the time these days.

– cooking is one big experiment- right?- We are doin’ ok. 



Baking holds it’s own sacred secrets….. 

i know nothing- but again, I try.

I woke this morning to a giant 8 year old asking for biscuits- 

we measured and stirred……. we baked…..we ate. 

The plan for the day-

take it slow- make the time to

bake (all day!!) with the giant 8 year old. 

Cookies. maybe a pie.

I am feeling really ambitious right now.




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