Summer Escapism.

Summer is here in Portland and I am feeling the itch to get out and go wild. In the woods, at the beach- WHATEVER.

There will be an escape soon. 


Until then (probably wednesday).


Summer makes me think of……….Michael Moore………….

I am serious.

He lives in Northern Michigan. 

You’ll see him crusin’ around Traverse City (my home town)- all the time. Seated in the lobby of the State Theatre- full blue sweat suit- baseball cap- hangin’ out. He is great.

I love him. I love his politics. I love his love for film. I love the full blue sweat suit.

After he won the oscar for Bowling for Columbine the T.C. local government threw him a lil’ party at the Park Place Hotel. I was (of course) working at the Park Place. The party was held in this tiny room off the lobby. 


In walks Michael- blue sweat suit, big red duffel bag, this bag was huge- but empty,


almost empty.

You see-

The big red gross duffel bag was the carrying case for his OSCAR……..

So funny.

That was some years ago.

Since then this guy has helped launch a kick-ass film festival in Traverse City- and subsequently given me some of the the best times in my life yet. 

A couple of years ago there was a Stanley Kubrick theme to the festival- ALL KUBRICK, ALL ORIGINAL REELS.

Saw this one:

Paths of Glory


Bike riding, movie watching, sun shiny happiness…….

The duffel bag moment and the encounters that would follow have confirmed that this guy understands the bullshit of hollywood- all the self importance- all the self stroking….it’s weird.

He also understands the power and the importance of film, the beauty seated in the collective experience of creation and in sharing the creation.

He’s found a way to exist in the mix and in my estimation, has used Hollywood as a vehicle in expediting some conversations that NEED to be had. 

He showed my favorite film of all time some months back- I was able to watch it on the big screen-I love him for this too.

Cinema Paradiso


2 responses to “Summer Escapism.

  1. Leigh, I didn’t know you knew Michael Moore. That’s so cool. I didn’t know he lived in Traverse City, I just thought he’d founded a film festival there. So how’s pdx? I have to say that most of my summers in portland were amazing. It’s such a beautiful city in the summer: the weather is really hot but cool in the evenings. Anyway, things are good in chicago. We leave in exactly 2 weeks and there’s so much to do but we’re really excited. Check back in about a month for pics and stories. . .Besos, –j2b

  2. I don’t know him really…..i have chatted with him several times….. and kissed his oscar- (THE STATUE you pervs). And he doesn’t live in T.C.- just hangs out there A LOT, tending to his baby.
    *************PDX is purty right now- absolutely.

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