Bear Country.

Ewan and I went to the coast again. Further south to Tillamook and the surrounding area. 

Ummmmm- really a jaw dropper….an awe inspirer…..

We decided to hit up Cape Lookout only to find BIG yellow signs warning us that we were in bear country. A little nervous from the sign- Ewan and I decided we were probably ok considering the parking lot was pretty populated. 

So, almost from the get-go we were busy trying not to freak out. As this path wound around the edge of a cliff we were surrounded by sloping, forested hills on one side and incredible “eh, so there’s a bear charging- I can’t take my eyes of it” coast.

I tried to keep my cool as we walked further along the cape- until about a half mile in I realized we had another 2 miles to go- we were surrounded by raspberries- and though I know Oregon is wild n’ all- I had not seen such a BIG YELLOW bear sign yet- and considering the cape we were hiking was really, really small- I understood there was a deep possibility that we might see a bear. My momma sense said “Lady, turn around….”

I was not prepared for an encounter.


I mean really we probably woulda been fine. 


Other cool stuff:



One response to “Bear Country.

  1. So glad you listen to that inner voice-momma sense. Again fantastic photos. We need photos of you as well. See you soon. Kisses & Hugs

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