Thinkin’ bout Sloth.

The natural beauty in these parts continues to amaze me. It is gettin’ down right ridiculous. 

Adventure #432 was a success. 

Dougan Falls  were incredible. 

Low water levels allowed for the mellow flow and exposed riverbed- lots of little pools to swim in. 

This next pic was taken from the top of a cliff. With the 8 year old in tow I didn’t make the jump like i wanted to.


Next Time.

I dunno about you but this scene makes me think of One Eyed Willie and (*my favorite Goonies character of all time*) Sloth.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww Sloth.


One response to “Thinkin’ bout Sloth.

  1. Bay — bee rrrrrrrooth?

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