On driving and The Roman Empire.

Yesterday, I wanted to go somewhere.

I hit a few buttons on my machine, got some direction and jumped in the car. 

I love maps. I love travel. I love to navigate.

Simple enough right?

Anytime, any place- let’s plan it, let’s go.

I’ve been around: Planes, trains, hoofin’ it too, boats, ferries, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, England, Greece, Jamaica, Costa Rrrrrrrica, All over the U.S. 

I love it.


oddly enough- one mode of getting from here to there had me troubled for some time.

You see,

In the not so distant past it seems that I had developed a fear of highway driving…..driving in big cities, long distances, etc. 

From 17 on I had a car and I would get around but really it was my best gal Courtney (*this lady is wild…i’ll tell ya bout it someday*) who was our driver.



road trips,

those drives along East Bay Boulevard. 

When Courtney split for the east or wherever she was headed boyfriends took the wheel.

I wasn’t particularly afraid of dying or anything like that- I just didn’t drive.

The couple times it came up (some trip to Grand Rapids or somethin’)- I would go through with it- hands clenching the steering wheel- death grip- rrrrrrreally hatin’ life.

Long (14 years) story short- Since I left the womb of Traverse City I have had to drive……long distances, in a city- up mountains- alllllll over the highway-


After a few runs, I have realized the joy of mastering your own immediate driving destiny.

I love it. 

I am not skeerd anymore!

This is justification enough for my move out west. 

All of this driving stuff came to a head yesterday when I hit a few buttons on my machine, got direction, and got the hell outa PDX.

Ewan and I hiked a waterfall, stood on the edge of a cliff and were home in time for dinner.


*I know all of the evils of driving peeps-  emissions n’ fuel costs n’ how the industry’s existence alone has deterred the full onslaught of mass transit planning which in turn has wasted precious time and resources which in turn has lead a country into self serving war- self serving drilling practices……meanwhile fuel costs spike (because they can) which causes the people stressssss because it is 50 bucks to fill up the tank- (I don’t think people would mind paying 50 bucks if they had 50 bucks), all of this begets a dissatisfed populous as the unfair distribution of funds becomes more and more apparent and the short-sightedness of government begins to effect the electorate in ways they can understand………. 

Part of the Roman Empire’s success was in keeping their people fed and entertained (bread and circus). This model has been employed over and over again by the ruling classes- especially here in the good ol’ USA.

Revolutions happen when people know what is being done to them- when people start dying – or cannot eat- or lose their homes and their jobs and cannot get adequate health care……

I know that the parallels drawn between The Roman Empire and the U.S. are kind of tired- but kind of true. 

Don’t get me wrong. The bread and circuses are still firmly in place here at home (BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!) but what happens when these strategies fail to keep people distracted (staving off rrrrrevolution)?

and they are.

Starting to fail.



What does all this mean for my new found love of hittin’ the road?


It sucks.

I like to drive. 


(I am really not complaining- and will gladly pay for fuel in my lil’ excursions. I don’t have to drive- those folks that commute or transport to make a living- that is what truly sucks- I just feel kind-o guilty).


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