You speak it! I speak it! We all speak ENGLISH.

yay, clap….clap…



Our mother tongue. Whatareya gonna say ’bout her?


It works, 

it dominates.

English although a very practical language, when compared to those romance languages- (sheeesh)

yawn-kind o’-


oh English.


                 Estaba negro como boca de lobo.=


                 It was as dark as the mouth of the wolf.

(oooooooo. I love this. Even when i say it in English I have to do so with a thick and drippy spanish accent- Try IT. You cannot rrrrrresist).

Now, the English translation- 

It was pitch black.



nuff said.

Now Listen:

3 responses to “Cucurrucucu…….

  1. God I love Caetano Veloso. I remember the first time I saw this movie “Hable Con Ella,” right? I thought this scene was unforgettable. Love it.

  2. You are rrrrrrrrrrrrright my dear. One of the best.
    Love love love.

  3. My personal favorites from former students:

    1. smorning
    What did you have for breakfast smorning?

    2. jeet
    I had oatmeal for breakfast smorning. What jeet for lunch today?

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