Summer Fun…….

This is the pic-

the ONE

The simple summation of all things good and simple and summer.

This is the pic meant to lure you information addicted souls, (dry socketed from too much computer screen stare) down the path of my life experiences- 10 days full of beach shots, relatives, wedding hair-do’s, dollar dances, grandma’s n’ my bro Ray. Stan too……….

This is the time to click your way to my flickr. Do it.

Then go to Aaron’s if you haven’t already (he was much more sober and devoted to capturing the details of Shaun and Sarah’s big day- I was busy dancing, but you knew that already- didntcha).


3 responses to “Summer Fun…….

  1. got it. and she is lodged up on that ice cream cone. freud would be thinking, “ah ha”.


  2. Leigh-magnicent in magenta! Looks happy, happy, joy, joy!
    I’m next…TC Wednesday!

  3. Twinkle…so good. Damn.

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