Man on Wire

Aaron and I 

saw a lovely movie.

Man on Wire is a sweet documentary about Philippe Petit- a high-wire walker.

He is known for his fantastical feats of daring and the creation of some seriously surreal sights……         

The movie was largely focused on the planning and execution of walking a wire strung between the World Trade Center towers.

The movie was beautiful.

To watch the 1974 footage of Petit gracefully and defiantly orchestrate this scene is so strange and quiet and comforting (at least for me it was).  

The film makers never once mention the events of September 11, 2001. The choice to do so creates a potent experience. As I/we inevitably associate scenes of planes diving into buildings

and fire

and bodies falling

and all of the other devastating impossibilities-  with the sight of the towers. And well, as a viewer, you almost prepare yourself to be devastated- (the association is so strong, the psychic wounds so deep).

And here you are watching the initial construction of the towers and the scenes are whole and people aren’t broken………but yet you wait- bracing yourself for those moments when you will have to relive the sadness.

You wait-

but the crumbling towers aren’t a part of this story. 

It is instead a story of creation and absurdity and a different set of impossibilities………

There was something healing about the experience- something comforting.

A sigh of relief came when it was just- a sweet, absurd story 

with Gymnopedie No. 1

and awe

and wonder.

Thank You.


One response to “Man on Wire

  1. Agreed. The film was fantastic. Inspiring. But I sure as hell won’t be up on any buildings anytime soon.

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