A Bunch of Cryin’ Babies!


The earth is very, very old.


The existence of humans, in relation to the existence of the Earth, is kind of a new thing.

We’re just a bunch of weee lil’ babies.


Check it out-

On thegeological clock, the age of the earth is represented by the 12 hours on the face of the clock.  The sweep of the minute hand around the dial twelve times from 12 to 12 marks the passage of time from the beginning of the earth to today………


The Pleistocene Epoch started at about 11:59 plus 51 seconds, just 9 seconds ago. There was no evidence of Man in North America this early, however most of the animals found in Missouri today were here, including horses. All of the horses disappeared from North America before the first men arrived, but fortunately the history of this group is written in the rocks of the continent.


 Man appeared in North America at about 11:59  plus 59 6/7 seconds, just 1/7 second ago! The climate, plants, and animals were then much the same as they are today. It is likely that some mastodons and possibly elephants, sloths, and peccaries were still to be seen.  In Europe, Man had appeared earlier.

                            (i luv geology). 


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