Yes Please.

Best plan I have heard yet on the 700 billion whozamawhachit (from my buddy Bill Palladino!):

“My solution to the current financial disaster. Take the 700 Billion dollars the Fed would use to bail out the greedy crooks that built this house of cards. Do the math with it. Divide it by the approximately 300 million American citizens and give it back to us dammit! That would be approximately 2.3 Million dollars each for every living person.
Put a restraint on it. They must invest it back in majority US owned Companies. After five years they have access to 10% of it, but after that they can’t touch it for ten years. Imagine the market movement then. And imagine if Every single American could afford to own stock. Hell! Round that number down to a clean 2 Million a piece, and give the half of the rest to charity, and with the other half buy every household in American solar panels and electric cars!

Send all the big honking V8 engine monsters to China to melt down.”



Read more on the wonders of  Paul Newman here. XO.

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