Oh mygawd.

Maybe you’ve seen this- maybe not…….. STRANGE.



3 responses to “Oh mygawd.

  1. Kinda alarming, but then again, I can’t say I’m surprised. When an angry black man points out the history of slavery and the flaws of our foreign policy, sensitive white men freak out. When a white pastor calls Alaska the refuge for the tribulation period of the Apocalypse, claims that liberals will go to hell and believes members of his church can speak in tongues–oh, that’s just Team Pentecostal at it again.

  2. oh, sorry, that was me.

    love you.

    –jackson b

  3. Yeah-
    I am not necessarily surprised either. It is all worth examination though. Weird.
    (I was so excited to see Erika post……and then it was you…..).

    (love you too).



    (Pardon me while I silently scream- aheam-)
    Palin’s winks and Joe six pack shit made me nauseous last night.
    Come on humans…..

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