Militarism Is Soooooooo Yesterday. pppffffffffffffff!

Some thoughts:

Humans have no instinct to war -to clarify- there actually is freedom from this reality- that man is not born craving war/destruction is the idea…..meaning the thought that war is inevitable is a falsehood-.

Opponents of this idea might suggest that biology dictates man’s need for aggressive behaviors.

Well-turns out,

war like behaviors are NOT cross cultural- as addressed in an  article written by famed cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead.

It is suggested that rather than biologic necessity or sociological inevitability- war is an invention of man.



man invented war- and it should be examined within the category of other inventions- the invention of fire for example- or the discovery that sharp rocks make great tools and/or killing devices.

Historically peoples warred for various reasons: adaptation, hunting, mating- (hey- it worked).

As man has developed so have the ways o’ war. The development of technology intersects with the development of other facets of society- and the reflective side of man curbs the militaristic orgy with criticisms.

This idea of war as invention   – when coupled with those other inventions previously adopted by man-logically would follow the same path of refinement……. or replacement ….. (the hand gives way for toilet paper, leeching gives way for transfusions… get the point?).


It is History that has indeed spread the idea of warring need through romantic recreations and epic trials.

History has trained the masses into accepting war as a possible route.

It is hard to deny the disharmony associated with war these days. 

Why is this understanding important? 

Because understanding the transition society currently exists in is paramount to reinvention!

The reflective criticisms of humans are starting to intrude into the territory of militarism……..uh oh!  


“Strenuous honor…. abound elsewhere…… ordinary prides and shames …of man, once developed to a certain intensity, are capable of organizing a moral equivalent [to war]. The only thing needed henceforward is to inflame the civic temper as past history has inflamed the military temper”.

                                                                                         -William James

*This stuff is why Barak Obama’s campaign is so powerful. He and his people understand these ideas- (in essence). I am not making these connections to deify him, but rather to show the important distinction in these ideas being re-introduced into reality (this is not an entirely new concept). What is inspiring and exciting is witnessing the mobilization of a “civic temper”…… potentially very powerful.



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