A Great Day Indeed.

I am stunned. I am in awe.

I’ve been periodically bursting into tears since last night- Tears of joy.

There are so many factors that contributed to Barack Obama’s win last night. As the analysts deconstruct his campaign and the phenomenon of this win- what will be (and has been) revealed- is a pragmatic, strategic implementation of a sense of having to- or having overcome. Translation: the previous administration was so devastating to the image, economy, general morale of this country that last night (partially as a reaction) was made possible. 


This sense of having to overcome a diabolical administration permeated throughout a discontented populous and suddenly (and it happened so FAST) we- collectively were calling for change on more than one front. This sense of having to overcome attached itself to many of the real and psychic wounds this country has been bound by.


We have healed some of those wounds….

The world celebrates the election of Barack Obama!

Something huge has happened- so huge! There has been a shift- a way has been made clear- something has cracked WIDE open!

Words fail me! (tryin’ here)…….

The United States celebrates as we are allowed to find some relief in that the history from which we were born has been reconciled with/by the history WE make. We celebrate the possibility of redefining who and what we are as a nation- and as a global community. The dialogue of inclusivity is REAL! We can now all dwell in the realm of possibility- each and every one of us.

I am amazed.

I am in awe.

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