Back in Traverse City my house was kind-of famous for some serious “gaming”…

Be it midnight backyard badminton or 10+ person (VERY serious)- sessions of Balderdash.

For those of you not familiar with this game I’ll do you a favor and share a bit o’ greatness with you.

Balderdash is “the hilarious bluffing game” -yes, and well,


basically players try to out bullshit each other by creating phony definitions for already bizarre REAL words. 

I have kept each and every single scrap of paper from our Balderdash gatherings-

Here is a sampling of genius:



These beauties are not to be accredited to me… no, these are the handiwork of my dear sweet friends.

And they kill me. Every time I read them.

I am bringing Balderdash out of hiding. 

It is time.

(Here’s one more for ya)


A polite way of saying you forgot.

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