Days of Domesticity

We’ve been crafting and sewing and cooking-

It is wet out there. 

Some of the stuff we’ve been up to:


These are the stamps we had made for our letterboxing adventures. We haven’t been on the hunt for a couple of weeks BUT I thought they deserved a mention. They’re just so cool.


Aaron revealed Gary’s secret identity the other night. 


Gary is magic.

img_4504 img_4513

 I’ve been teaching myself and my E man to sew/embroider… kind-o fun.

Ewan really digs it- These two he did ALL on his own…

img_4519 img_4520

Embroidery = love.

Look at this lady’s stuff…..(maybe some day). WHOA. 


Last night’s Scrabble game (Aaron won- ONLY because he “bingoed out”- I had no clue about the 50 point possibility of using all tiles in one turn… UNFAIR- BUT now I know)


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