Get On the Bus.


I ride the bus now. Just like that. 

After tabulating the expense of parking and gas in transporting myself to grow some smarts (“school” for all ye misinterpreters) I could NOT justify driving anymore…. I would be an ass to claim that my sole motivation is to lessen my carbon footprint- THAT is just an extra wonderful bonus.

Of course I care. Of course.

BUT let’s just say the decision is based on a MYRIAD of factors (one of which being the insanity of driving around in circles trying to beat out my fellow inordinately angry students to house my car

= DUMB) .

 So- we’ll be engaging in “bus reports” from time to time….

Observation #1:


“Man with GIANT Snifter”.

( just chillin’ giant snifter on his lap…. no more- no less).

2 responses to “Get On the Bus.

  1. This is great. I look forward to future bus reports. So good.

  2. Katie Halbert

    Such a great post.

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