Lots of Stuff To Do.

Go to Coudal– aaron is battling his buddy Chris Glass in layer tennis – go- go, go! Starts at noon…


I am multitasking today- writing two papers, cheerleading for A, running around with a bunch of 9 year olds-then later a badminton duel, followed by a visit from RRRRRRRRico- this visit will be punctuated with wine AND stacks of photos- proof of our storied pasts-

we’re gonna put a face on some of this stuff.

All of our tall tales will come to that much more life.

I am excited-  you see, I am that girl- I am the girl who does wish to see ALL of your pictures…ya know that pile of pics from your teen years or child hood that most people would look at to appease you- or to be polite? I am the one who will go through each stack- willingly, lovingly- 

you’ll go to bed- but i will still be sifting through the little tiny windows of your life.

And HEY! I take pictures too. 

gotta go get my list shortened….


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