At the height of my love for Michael Jackson I had trading cards and a calendar. My favorite pic of him was the one with the bow tie and the yellow shirt…….


Michael was to be my husband. Didn’t you know?

It was serious. When he caught on fire during the shooting of that pepsi commercial…..I cried.

All of the love my 7 year old heart could muster was devoted to Michael Jackson.


That was all before.

Before we saw the weirdness unfold. 

God did he get weird. His face was weird. His house was weird. His relationships with children- well- weird too. 


All of this weirdness bundled up with my aforementioned love creates quite the paradox.


RIP Michael. Really.

One for the road:



8 responses to “MJ.

  1. When we were kids, we loved it when the Jackson 5 were on Carol Burnett and Sonny & Cher 😉

    Like Elvis’ death, we will have to endure the media autopsy.

    But like Elvis, people will always love Michael’s talent.

    And whenever I hear P.Y.T., I will always think of Leigh!


  2. ” i want to love you PYT pretty young thang u are so lovely” OMG one of my favs….. Long live the King

  3. Ayesha A Rehman

    He was like a kid. I feel he never grew up. His dad abused him and teased him calling him Big Nose. I think that could be the reason why he got his nose done so many times. His face had changed because of that skin disorder he admitted he had in his interview with Oprah. As for those allegations of child molestation, I live far away, yet I can tell they were false. To me he is the most innocent and good hearted celebrity. I never believe all the crap that media is ever so fond of churning out. In the words of MJ, “Just because it is in print, doesn’t mean that it is gospel”

    I have always loved and respected him, and I’ll continue to do so. RIP, MJ!

  4. mj is one of my fav and all that bull the be tlaking the need to cut it out that some bull

  5. Good that you are no longer fans, why even bother to write this stupid blog about Michael Jackson? superficial idiots you are! Put yourself in his shoes, I bet you’d have committed suicide in the 80s. Judgemental idiots. Weird? Jesus was weird! The whole bible is weird.

  6. wow hes was so handsome, just the way he was …what a hottie ..i believe that m.j. had a very hard life full of hardship not just because he didnt have a childhood but also because from a young age he was sorounded by a lot of people who only associated him with music and money i believe he was treaded badly by someone who hurt him and changed him . i believe he didnt have the proper guidance in to an adult hood ..i believe no one really showed him love, true and honest love and he became a creation of that and society and money ..but above all my heart cant see a man like m.j. abusing a child in anyway or form ..in all we have to say he was not found guilty and he did have the money to buy a love or anything else he didnt need to abuse a child ..i do hope god has him in his glory and i do thank you m.j. for being a part of my childhood with your music and i do hope that your heart finds peace and harmony were ever you are ..you are truly an idol an icon ..ill always dream off you ..luv res

  7. keely mcswiggan

    He looks so cute in this pic i dont understand y he wanted to change. I beleive that he changed becuase he had a bad childhood so that is why he changed. He was a caring person.

    RIP xxx

  8. I am still crying because he is gone… I remember the trading cards too! I used to hold them up so they would be in any pictures I would take – and my step-father would get so mad at me! Ha ha! I love you MJ

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