The Park Place Hotel



This is a picture of The Park Place Hotel (1930).

This is where I have been since I have been home. You see the top portion of the hotel?…..well, since 1930 there has been some development in the building and just to the right of the cupola is where The Beacon Lounge now resides. (I have been WORKING. EVERY DAY. I am NOT complaining. Just REALLY tired).

Really, after so many years slinging drinks, buffing glassware, listening to regulars and the piano- this place feels so familiar. I have developed relationships with folks- and we’re kind of like one big happy (if slightly *aheam* buzzed) family, hanging in the sky, 10 stories up. 

Blame it on cell memory or something- but when someone ordered a Bombay Sapphire and tonic the other day my hand reached for the bottle (to the place it had been for the previous 9 years of my employment) without thinking, only to find Absolut Kurant. 

Things change. 

But yet they stay the same. Honestly a couple of years is just a drop in the bucket. I am more intrigued by how easily i can settle right back in- 

Richard (the consummate regular) and I have already gotten into a fight over his shitty politics (yes Richard, shitty). 

I can still handle an entire room of drunk people by myself (crafting cocktails, keeping sales high, keeping people in their seats, talking trash, talking serious, talking town, sharing my stories, making a solid martini, making sure people don’t kill themselves… and all the while i sing the songs i have sung 100 hundred times before- AND- damn it is fun). 

So…. COME UP!  You might get drunk? You will definitely hear some Elton John….. (whether you like it or not).

*I have managed to release myself from the tower a few times and oddly enough Jim Draplin keeps showing up!




Very questionable clown affiliations Jim.

(Look at Gary!!!!).



Saw “Moon” at the STATE THEATRE! 

Sam Rockwell is always good. I liked this movie.


One response to “The Park Place Hotel

  1. jackie tejada

    I wanted to see that film! Hey, so checking out your blog, up early for some reason, can’t go back to sleep. You are so damn cool!! 😉 I’m going to visit you at the park place hotel.

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