Field Notes Finds a Few New Friends.

I was given a box of Field Notes to pass out to all of the worthy people I might happen upon while home.


My visit coincides with the Traverse City Film Festival (i couldn’t be happier).

SO, all sorts of industry/celebrity moments have happened and i just happen to have the aforementioned Field Notes on my person to pass on to these folks (half of the town is packin’).

I consider these little books a gesture of friendship, an extension of all things Draplin, a sign of  solidarity amongst the movie/doc lovers of the world-

it’s an understanding, a relationship you see…… aheam.


Field Notes made a few new friends:


Steve and Bill= Kin to Paul Mazursky .


Jeff Garlin LOVES Field Notes!

I tried to have a chat with Wavy Gravy but he was busy walking his fish. Serious. Weird.

I wish i had a chunk of time to see the doc on him though. Damn.

I am gonna get my movie moment on Sunday! “Julie and Julia”  with Aaron’s parents. 

I will bring my Field Notes.


One response to “Field Notes Finds a Few New Friends.

  1. hi leigh,

    i am also enjoying my field notes… and well, especially after reading this feel quite special! thanks again!
    -kirstin (joel’s kirstin)

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