Traverse City Film Festival

TC Film Festival

I had my little taste of the T.C. Film Festival last night and it was really great. Julie & Julia was good….

The movie tells dual stories centering around Julia Child’s cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Honestly- about 20 minutes in I started to wish they’d cut the entire Amy Adams portion of the movie- I really just wanted to watch Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci play their versions of Julia and her husband, which were (by the way)  incredible. 

I love to cook. I like to bake. I watch the Food Network.

So, it was no surprise I wound up really enjoying this movie. 

The theatre was packed- the movie was introduced by Michael Moore and the Iranian film maker Mani Haghighi, who provided the audience with his own introduction- which had nothing to do with food. He spent his minutes musing on the different realities we reside in and how media often shapes these realities. All too often the people of a country are viewed through the filter of a particular ruling government: George Bush= repressed war hungry Americans….. Ahmadinejad= repressed, war hungry Iranians. He took the time to make the connections in that this line of thinking is, of course, faulty, lazy- and universal. 

Laughing, most likely from the sheer insanity of jumping from a chaos riddled Terhan to the happy shinny movie land that T.C. was these last couple of days- he shared his very grateful impression with the audience- grateful for the opportunity to experience and to share. I did not see the movie he was representing but I was really moved with his retelling of what he was experiencing in T.C. because I feel it too. The collective thing happening in my hometown- is a good thing.

It’s kind of big really.


Julia Child on Chickens:

On Omelettes: 


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