I Love Yellowstone.


Can we talk about the Ken Burns National Parks Doc?


I am in love with this production. This man and his team are so DAMN GOOD at synthesizing this type of naturalist/American/make you feel good about one damn thing AT LEAST!!! type of history.

One of the notable characters emphasized in these lovingly crafted pieces is John Muir.

Famous for his advocacy and his affiliation with birthing the National Parks of the United States…. (I can say I knew of John Muir…but yet, I had forgotten).

Muir Quotes:

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings”.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean”.

Ken Burns OH!!! Ken Friggin’ BURNS…. I love you. I mean it.
I am a girl that goes outside. I love to get lost. I love travel. I hike too. A happy hiker.

But I am here to testify on the current state of fuckery in the UNIVERSE. I have been calling it (this state) my existential quagmire.
This means = things are rough. Personally, societally, culturally, spiritually.
I am not alone. I have had countless people vent their frustration to me, with me…… something is up.
In several of my classes this semester the topic has already shifted to the discussion on the possible corollary events of technological deluge, degradation of planet/nature and it’s outcome: general funk of the populous.
So- I guess my reflection might be suggesting the harbor of nature and beauty as an immediate antidote for the big spiritual bout of constipation that seems to be happening.

Good food, good wine and good music help too.

WATCH: NATIONAL PARKS (it’s good for you).


2 responses to “I Love Yellowstone.

  1. so i just was googling charley harper, and ended up coming across your blog. you are a very cool lady leigh. likeminded to a t… the muir bit, big fan of the ken bunrs movement to educate folks on what we have and how fast we can lose it with out even realizing it. again, very cool. Keep it up; somehow or another I’ve become a fan of the blog.

  2. Hi Zach-
    Nice to eh, er…..ummmm – meet you. Thanks for coming by! xo.

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