Ape Cave Part Deux.

So, Ewan and I visited Ape Cave in Washington State last year-


And it being my birthday yesterday- I was wanting some adventure.

We went back. But this time we decided to hike the “difficult” portion of the cave.

10 year olds can scramble up boulder piles and lava falls- no sweat.

32 year olds suddenly realize their age- scrambling up boulder piles, fighting tight squeezes and walking on uneven surfaces. In the pitch darkness (ok- i had a flashlight).

I am a stout tough-ish kind of gal when it comes to new experiences. I am. Most of the time.

Ewan’s famous words edging me forward into the dark “Come on mom! There are four year olds doing this”.  The route WAS highly populated. There were kids and parents and “caver” type people roaming about. BUT- that darkness- once you are in, deep in, can be very tricky. Funny stuff.

Aaron was out- but he did snap all of the good shots from the day – go see– they are great.

It was- not a relaxing birthday. BUT it was something to remember.


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