The Disappeared.

Humanity is bumming me out. I am studying the CIA backed coups of Latin America.

I had known about this stuff and I have to say- the most ridiculous thing about revisiting portions of history is the ridiculousness of forgetting (especially as a historically conscious person). This stuff is constructed and channelled in such a way that the story just never seems to surface in the way it should. It wriggles away from consciousness. Blame it on human laziness and the artful dodging of the culprits. Where is the mass outrage?


I do not doubt that this type of clandestine shit happens and is happening all of the time. That’s why the rage seemingly only fuels the “dissidents” and the “revolutionaries”……. It serves the architects to keep the working knowledge of sordid events attached to the U.S. quiet- or to keep humans preoccupied- but only just enough (with their own problems, t.v. buying crap they don’t need, etc)!

The atrocities of the world become too numerous for most to dwell upon- and it is easier to move on. People are easily distracted from uncomfortable histories and dead Chilean students. Argentinean torture sights.  Dirty, dirty deeds. Those in power inevitably ride on the backs of one or another mass of humans. History insulates us from reality- that is until the reality touches someone- immediately. This is understood- it is how this type of activity is maintained/allowed. It is an infuriating cycle. It is insane.

And so it goes.

Tough to stay inspired today.



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