December 2009.

We went home for Christmas. Ewan and Aaron and I.

It’s a funny observation I have on leaving the place I grew up: I miss it.


Mom, Dad, Ray, Lauren, Will, Evan, Amy, Shaun, Sarah, NEW BABY, Kristin, Mitchell, Tyler, Ian, Paul, Tillie, Annie, Barb, Angela, Mary B, Aaron Wolinski, Tim, Dave, Amical people (TOMMY), Tom K, Dawn, Elizabeth, Claudia, Park Place FAMILY, Joel, Richard, Saul, Melisa, Draplins, Amy S, George, Robert… the list is endless. Fun Times. Thanks.

But I am back now. And it’s all business. Bonnie Prince Billy is playing and it’s NOT snowing here.

Reflecting on my time out West I can admit the challenge it has been. But this is not bad. I have had an intensive education this past clump of life and I am the better for it. Many Thanks…. Much Love.

Some photographic proof of the past month:


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