Newark Bound.

Early morning airports are a strange deal. Chaos punctuated with quiet… or the other way around. Compliant people. Passive aggressive TSA.

Security has tightened since I flew at Christmas. Thanks a lot under ware douche-bomber. Now my underwire beeps and I get felt up. Serious. Ah well, no biggie.

Headed to Newark and then Berlin. My illness has subsided- thanks to massive doses of vitamin C and fitful, dream-filled sleep. AHHHhhhhhh.

I can taste, I can breathe.

I am loaded up with movies having everything to do with the history I seek:

1. The Ritchie Boys

2. The Restless Conscience

….for starters.

Aaron is busy trudging around in cold Berlin getting a head start on “seeing stuff.”

I will be hanging in the air shortly, pretty much allllllll day long.

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