A Journey Round My Skull.

The mystical world of the inter web reveals itself in the most entertaining and valuable of ways once in a while.

Chat Roulette: if we were to use the sample of strangers provided browsing this new thang – we might be able to make connections as broad as reflecting the whole of HUMANITY. Or maybe not. Either way- I can say in my explorations of the thang I have experienced 88% dicks (literally), 2% girls (some showing their boobs), and 10% curiosity seekers- people wanting to share some stuff, tell a real tale, etc. I talked to a guy last night about his graduate program in economics, The Development Project, Marxism…… It was GREAT!

So- if you can weed through the CRAP- then you might find a little gem. But then again, time is precious and the sifting could be considered an utter waste of it.

This is the greatest example of interweb value I have found recently:  ajourneyroundmyskull .

The author of the site – has blown my mind with the absolute deluge of “stuff” he has curated here. It is endless- endless….. Not to mention the list of sites he loves. For all of the time Will (that’s his name) may have saved internet hikers compiling the “stuff”- (sifting for you!)…. be prepared to use it up. It will be worth it.

I mean LOOK at his flickr….. whoa.


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