I Love You Joe Biden.

Joe You Are Awesome:


Those that feel the end of the world is nigh:      Calm – The – Hell – Down.

You have been being used. I am sorry. The Glenn Becks and other unmentionables of the world have been pulling the age old trick of scaring you- it’s fear driving you to follow their rhetoric, like lemmings. It has happened like this forever …. or at least since history has been recorded. You can try to sway the opinion of the MOB- but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work!

And it hasn’t, thank GOD.

Now, quit the delusional talk of impeding the progress of HELPING people…. and YES, that is what you are doing.

To even consider stopping the process of helping people to SURVIVE is criminal. You ARE criminals (Michele Bachman).

MICHIGAN POLITICIANS: CUT THE SHIT! Our state needs a tremendous amount of help. You should be ashamed.

Republicans: It is time to stop the lies…. it is time to quit the hateful tone- YOU NEED TO SET YOUR BASE RIGHT. They will clearly regurgitate anything you say- and you have encouraged this.

Now it is time to DO GOOD…..please.

I mean look at yourselves:

A Song For the Teaparty doom and gloomers, please let go of this, I beg you:

For You Joe Biden (i love this song):

3 responses to “I Love You Joe Biden.

  1. right on!! and the smiths to top it off is great

  2. fuck yeah!

  3. I disagree with your opinions.

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