Grandpa Steve.

These are my grandparents, Hedy and Steve.

God they are beautiful!

My latest project is devoted to my Grandpa Steve. He is no longer with us- but he left quite the impression…

My Grandparents had 15 (!) children- and last count on grandchildren was 28. Grandpa went to U of D, worked for Ford- and was hilarious. THE best, really.

I started this new project (and blog) with the intentions of gathering all the stories, the jokes, the puzzles(!) from my grandpa’s brood-

– and my cousins

and his brothers and sisters…

After all:

“To live in hearts we leave behind, Is not to die.”
Thomas Campbell

I want to dip into the collective heart where my Grandpa resides. There is much to celebrate and much to remember.

So far this is what i’ve got- (Check it out!):

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