What’s Happenin’

I have been busy working with a summer drama camp. It’s hot, it’s crazy fun and the kids are animals (literally and figuratively).

The production is Charlotte’s Web.

Ewan is in the play. Hilllllllarious.

These  whiney pigs and chickens and spiders sing their songs- some at the top of their lungs- others pretending they are hating every minute of it, their childhood slipping away before all of our eyes…

It happens fast people! That time thing.

Soak it up!


We took the kids to an urban farm the other day. Chickens and rabbits just hanging out in the yard. Goats with collars and leashes- hauling the little humans attempting to “walk” them to the nearest neighbor’s rose bush… SORRY, not my goat!

nibble nibble.

Here is some proof of the wild ne’er do well spirit of these city slicker goats:

They don’t care.

They just don’t.




It’s a good one.


I AM LISTENING TO (this one doesn’t really count- I am always listening to this):

I have said it before- and I will say it again- this was one of the best live shows I have EVER seen.

I am serious. Very.

Here’s a great cover of the same song (by the Fruit Bats)*****!!!!!!!!

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