The State of Wikipedia

We stumbled upon an anniversary party for Wikipedia a few days back.

I had of course considered Wikipedia before- I reference it alllll the time- often wondering why or when or how often it is sabotaged…
This crowd was in deeeeeeeep—–The party was populated by bearded rumplestiltskin characters engrossed in an hour long board game about decoding the flow of conversation– meanwhile a very articulate mathematician was explaining “the wiki” to me- commenting on how remarkable the organization really is- how it’s self healing, how unlike many other groupings of humans this one really works—that it is a crazy phenomenon… I asked what he thought the distinction was- it was suggested that perhaps it was the type of person that participates?

Who knows?

The geeks shall inherit the earth…?

He said internet analysts are surely on it.

Anyhooo it sounded hopeful.

This little movie is a cool synthesis of Wikipedia’s workings.


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