The Kennedys.

I’ve been really entrenched in presidential history the past few weeks.

The Kennedy family holds particular interest. The above shot is Teddy and Jack. Young brothers.

Aaron and I watched “Four Days in November” the other evening…I hadn’t seen it before- it’s full of amazing footage of Jack Kennedy and Jackie, eye witness reports of The President’s last days, Lee Harvey Oswald etc.

Because it was filmed within the year of his assassination the climate of the film has the immediacy and deep tragedy  that the country felt in grieving the man.

I’m in pretty deep. At this point the most persistent questions I have are in regards to leadership/ambition/positions of power, etc.

Can truth and honesty and goodness prevail in a human having to operate in such a system, fueled by such ambition? I dunno.

Political calculus seems to be the guiding force in politician’s lives, however, once you dig into the Kennedy speeches and policy, it is clear that there was a huge amount of urgency throughout his short time as president which had to have detracted from constant campaigning . Considering the EXTREMELY dangerous time (cold war) and with Bobby as his advisor, Kennedy had an amazing amount of precision in playing out his role. There is an earnestness that these men imparted…   It’s quite interesting.

Both men are fascinating.

If Jack Kennedy’s scandalous affairs weren’t so gross, i’d love him more.

Cannot get over it.

That’s an entirely different conversation.

And then there is Bobby…

that’s another conversation too.



One response to “The Kennedys.

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    Please, do have RFK conversation, because I’ll be glad to listen 😉

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