Oceanside Scrabble Strategies.

At long last I broke Aaron down and was able to detach him from his machines.

I love camping— I haven’t done much of it since moving out West. Things are changing.

Cape Lookout is so beautiful. I had been here before, which is why I knew it would ideal for our camping desires. It’s misty and green and straight out of The Hobbit (like MOST of the Oregon Coast).

The campground is situated right up against the ocean- you can hear the surf throughout the night.


Proof that Aaron was really in the woods. Again, amazing: 

Sadly, the above creature did wind up kicking my ass in Scrabble.

He builds bingos- which means he strategizes how to build words that use all of his tiles: re-tains, mailers, leaders, redeals, etc.

This is how you play the game, but I haven’t invested enough time to “bingo-ing out.” I’ve been Scrabble lazy.

Nevertheless he did destroy me.

But I am studying my list of words as I construct this report.

It’s on creature man, boyfren.



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