Historic Conversations.

The historical value of Jacqueline Kennedy’s interviews with Arthur Schlesinger is hard to calculate. It’s that huge.

I bought my copy of the book (and 8 hours of recordings) last week. I had to ask the girls at Powell’s to go find me one in back, they hadn’t brought it out yet…

Which surprised me.

I thought there would be more like me, having their own Kennedy freak out.

Well, 5 disks in -and I am blown away.

It really is a gift she gave in deciding to allow these interviews to take place, only 4 months after her husband had been murdered.

You can feel the weight she was carrying in her voice: breathy and thick, sad.

Recorded with the stipulation that they be released on the 50th anniversary of his presidency, it’s a testament to this woman’s sense of history.

But more than this- it’s a rare opportunity to experience 1964- it’s politics, it’s culture.

It’s all so infuriatingly and beautifully human.

It’s fascinating.




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