Stephen king wrote a book of alternate history- called “11/22/63”. It’s about the assassination of JFK- or stopping it. It was great. I mean I haven’t read Stephen King in YEARs. This isn’t horror, it’s time travel/scifi- historical fiction. It’s of value for the historical resurrection of a time in which hatred and misguided political views began to permeate regions of the country (sound familiar)… which ultimately would lead to that day when the president’s head was blown to bits by a bullet- while everyone watched. It Leans away from deep conspiracy (which when you really investigate- seems to be the case). It’s nostalgic… it’s also very brave attempt in accuracy (for a piece of fiction). It gets a little sappy, but all said- I Loved it.

Here is a great article on both the book, and the vitriolic political climate of then and now. CLICK.

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