The Fog of War.

I cannot believe I hadn’t seen this documentary until now. Robert Mcnamara at age 85 – very succinctly presents the Cold War- the role he played or did not play- the strategies of the administrations he worked under— the mind set of the Cold War world- Khrushchev and Castro- and just how close we really were in those days to a nuclear war. Amazing and terrifying. WOW.

Mcnamara claims that this isn’t an attempt to absolve himself, he clearly took orders from men stationed above him, however- he was right up there calling the shots.

It was,

a different time.

Just the snippet above, alone demonstrates how amazing this movie is. Mcnamara’s admittance on the absurdity of war, the reflections on the working rationalizations men have to make (and DO make) to wage it- and the thin line that power offers the “victors” to own the retelling of it (as had the US lost WWII, “…we would have been prosecuted as war criminals… we were behaving as war criminals”)… Mcnamara’s observations are as good as it gets.

His sense of history, his particular brand of sharing his perspectives – colored by his acute awareness of how his experience and age have helped to shape his sights- presents an extremely compelling piece of film. AWESOME.


2 responses to “The Fog of War.

  1. every time I watch this it gets better. I saw it opening night at Cinema 21 and there were a bunch of vets in the audience throwing shit at the screen and getting rowdy…

  2. Wow.
    Floored by this film.

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