Martha Gellhorn

Incredible woman.

War correspondent, author- Martha Gellhorn:

“Unless they are immediate victims, the majority of mankind behaves as if war was an act of God which could not be prevented; or they behave as if war elsewhere was none of their business. It would be a bitter cosmic joke if we destroy ourselves due to atrophy of the imagination.”


Wind Mountain.

I climbed a mountain a few days back (with my very fit pals Rico and Patrick).

The summit of Wind Mountain is a noted archaeological site. It’s the sacred land of the native population where a ceremonial spirit quest was said to be held.


It was a wicked hike. I almost died 49 times. Not really. But, it was rough!

A huge wind storm (go figure) had knocked down lots of big ole trees and they were blocking the trail.  So, “moderate” trail difficulty moved into the “difficult” category pretty quick.

It was great.

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Saul Bass, 1971.

Why Are We Here?

When You Sleep.

I’m really feeling My Bloody Valentine today. Melodic and loud and so good.



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