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So Much.

I can’t keep up.
Too… busy…
Here are some shots from life the past month(s):

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What you can expect to see:
NYC (World Trade Center Memorial, Chris Ware art show, Chipp Kidd Batcave & collection, Ellis Island, giant sandwich, Aaron speaking on behalf of himself- DDC!, Massimo Vigneli); Las Vegas (Neon Graveyard, etc.); Ewan being awesome; My sister’s visit (Ocean views, rabbit ears, roses); Cross country road trip (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon); Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge (Pacific Crest Trail, trail mail, baby Pioneer grave, hiking). AND MORE!


Love Song.

My valentine’s name is Aaron. Some call him “Draplin”. Some call him “Drap”- much to his dismay. You see, the fact that I know this tid-bit counts for something.

Don’t call him Drap, people.

He doesn’t like the holiday so much. It is constructed to encourage people to buy more stuff they don’t need: flowers, candy, cards, pink things, etc. Yeah, yeah, yeah…

However, if there has to be another holiday let it be about love.


Here’s some inspiring love stuff to fill the lonely seconds of your day——

Start here: ************  From NPR: “A Brother and Sister Gets Married and Their Son Tweets It”.

Then, move on to this series of lovers in action:

And finally, a love song. This one’s for you baby:

On the Road Today.